My first time meeting her…not only did we got along so well, I was very aware of this connection going on. I felt so sad when I had to leave her. Right inside my chest… Owwwch… it hurt!! Then even more when I found out that was the last time she would be at that property. She pushed the other horses away so she can get my attention. GOD I loved every second of it. Boy, this bonding with horses since I’ve arrived in Connecticut has been nothing less than soul fulfilling. So delicious!!!

The conversation that really got my antenna’s up was with a classmate regarding horses being able to recognize spirits or “others” that have passed on already. It’s just so amazing to think about that. Do I believe in that totally? Maybe, part of me does. My real question is…Is it a coincidence to have this strong desire to be around horses (without even knowing this information first about other spirits). I do know Ernie has been trying to come through, this leads me to believe this is all connected. Maybe he is bringing me near horses for calmness and peace of mind. I don’t know. Maybe that is a way of us connecting again…? When I am around them though, you can bet your sweet ass I’m calm and feel serenity.


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