Monavie, healthy juice blend….Drink it for your life!!


It was 2005 when I was turned on to this wonderful, sleep aiding, immune boosting, nervous system calming…should I go on? Ok, so this is what it’s all about. I was taken to a Meeting where folks were promoting this health juice. What could be the worst thing, 2 hours of my life were wasted. Big deal. No, that was not the case. It has been changing my life ever since. If I had to pick one thing that sticks out the most, it would be SLEEP!!! Yes, I sleep now. Uninterrupted sound sleep. (which sleep issues will be a whole other discussion). Why sleep from Monavie? I believe when you treat your body with healthy nutrients, fruits and veggies, It will work for you at it’s optimal level!!!!!! (That’s what I believe). I drink the “green label” with the Glucosamine and Chondroitin in it….nothing like cushioning your joints and building cartilage..(especially after the ACL (knee surgery) I had in end of 2007/2008.

Monavie has certain juice blends that specifically target the Immune System, The Cardiovascular System, Joint Function as you already know. They even came out with a Kosher product. That’s right, Kosher!! When I got into distributing Monavie, I was made aware of this 3 step code to follow. 1)Drink it, 2)Feel it, 3)SHARE IT! We want nothing more than to share this information with people out in the world. What makes folks believe in this product is when they hear real stories from real people..REAL RESULTS!! Please ask me……I have REAL RESULTS!! Check out my link below, it will take you to my page. There are energy drinks and weight loss/meal replacement solutions within this product. Whatever the individual is into………..

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