My Hurricane Birthday!!!

Well, I thought I was going to have a “Hurricane Harbor” Birthday, but it seems the bulk of this storm was yesterday. I’m not saying this is over…more winds and bad rain are on the way!! We did NOT lose power in Milford and I was quite shocked… since Whalen lost it during Irene last year for a whole week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, not saying we are in the clear, but thankful for everyone being
unharmed. A tree went through an older woman and her grandson’s house last night by us!!!!!!!!……I got word that they are OK!! A utility pole went down on the other side of the street too and no one was injured!!!!

I really want to point out some safety measures I’ve noticed living in a different state. They closed schools the day before anything even happened, certain roads were closed and they even SHUT DOWN I95.. that’s right, I said Interstate 95 was closed! I was quite alarmed when I heard the fire department’s siren going off Monday afternoon and a voice chanting “Sever Weather Warning” but that’s the warning to stay inside and don’t travel if not necessary!! I think back to the huge snow storm we got not too long ago (maybe about a foot of snow last year) and I dragged my ass into work (because I’m dedicated..yipidee doo dah day)! So I text messaged my boss to make sure I didn’t have to come in and he was like “Oh what time can you get here, I’m already here”. The feelings of anger that went through me were unbelievable. Who wants to shovel out their car in a foot of snow? It just wasn’t worth taking that chance, not to mention the wasted day of non productivity. Seriously, it’s not all about money, IT’S ABOUT SAFETY!! Of course other co-workers didn’t show up but that’s all I will say about that….!!

Glad my family is ok… even though they all lost power… Tee hee hee… just kidding!! Hope Papa John enjoyed the cookies Dina made him….(only you would request that)!!!! Well I’m off to get a Hot Stone Pedicure with my girl Dee!!!!! My Birthday Treat!! THANX FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY EMAILS…..AND MORE TO COME I’M SURE!! FEELING THE LOVE AND GRATITUDE THAT I AM ALIVE ANOTHER YEAR ON THIS EARTH…..and getting closer to 40 years old… Holy Shit!! LMAO!! Whatever, I feel like I’m 30…and that’s no lie!! I don’t think I’ll every grow up…It’s not fun!!! Like Uncle Buck said, he wants his niece to be a “Silly Heart” and reamed out that sour puss woman!!! BaaaaaaaaB!!


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