Cosmo Antonio Michaelangelo Adonis…etc. sister gave him many middle names!! Too funny!!

Cosmo is one of a kind and very well loved!!! We’ve had him about 6 years now. The funny thing about this pooch is he takes on the role of  many different animals.  He prances like a horse (so we call him Trot Nixon..I came up with that one), Pounces like a cat (didn’t give him a nickname for that yet), sometimes even acts like a kangaroo (nothing come to mind for that). They say animals take on the traits of their owners and he has 5 of us…so lets just call him a sarcastic, romantic, funny, feisty instigator…LOL probably among many other things!!  Hopefully I can locate a picture of him doing “Attack” with me.  When I would come in the door and walk ever so slowly towards him, he would approach me like he was going to Attack then…BAAAAAAAM…pounce right in front of me..AND ATTACK!!  It is the funniest thing, and I mean the way I run away like a chicken shit!!!  Omg, it is so scary and now he is doing it to other people.. not just me.


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