Ahhh, the Mid-term hands on MT-3….. is finally complete!!!

Not for nothing, we’ve had quite a few mid-terms and finals so far.  To me, the hands on practicals are a little more nerve racking than the written ones.  First of all, this exam was cancelled twice because of the hurricane in October.  The anticipation was KILLINGGGG MEEEEE.  Secondly, this is kind of right smack in the middle of our 6 terms (trimesters) of being here.  You better know all strokes by now and look good doing them.  The issue that’s really bothering me is not that I don’t know my strokes and can’t perform them well, it’s just the “lack of confidence” SOMETIMES.  Not all the time, guess it depends on my mood.  Some days I feel great about life, some days it’s a little less than that.  I believe I’m doing very well thus far and that shows in my grades and feedback.  Was that proper to use “thus”……LMAOOOOOOOO

So the practical…..let me tell you some funny shit that happened.  My partner was doing some “special tests” on me to determine which muscle was the problem.  Mind you, I had the sheet of paper with the exact scenario right in front of my nose.  To make a long story short, the first test she did was Sciatica straight leg and that was supposed to be negitive.  My partner asked “does that hurt”, I responded, “yes, very much” Sarah (our instructor) comes running over and says, “NO, THAT DOES NOT HURT” I immediately started cracking up and apologizing to both of them for giving the wrong information.  So they both laughed…there was definitely a lot of stress going on that day.  Then some ROM was being done on me and asked if this or that hurts.  At that point I just looked at Sarah for the answers….(AGAIN, with the sheet of paper right in front of me).  Too funny, and Sarah is so awesome with the greatest sense of humor.  She was laughing as well and probably thought what the hell is wrong with this girl…..It actually turned into a pretty good practical exam.  (And not cause I did well)… Tee hee hee.  We accomplished what was needed and this will be talked about for a long time!!!  I keep going over it in my head and still find it quite amusing.

To say the truth, I had a great day and worked myself up for no reason…like always.  I should point out what I think contributed to this unforgettable day.  It’s one of the greatest feelings when someone believes in you and offers words of encouragement.  That’s just what Sarah did and I’ll always remember it.  She should only know how I felt inside.  I’m not sure she would realize the affect it had on me or even remember what was said.  I Admire the shit out of her more now than I already did!!!  I was never big on expressing myself with words or my feelings towards another but, this would bother me if I never mentioned it!!  Not sure if I’ll ever tell her this but if not, I hope she stumbles upon this post and reads it for herself………….

In closing, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes that ties into this day.  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  ― Maya Angelou.  Thank you Sarah, I can’t wait to learn more from you on this fantastic journey of mine!!…………….  Oh did you guys want to know my grade????????  LOLOLOL…Well, that’s none of your business….Ok, It was pretty much in the high 90’s.  Final tally is Monday after we rub some Ice on each other…Yes, that is part of the exam!!

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