Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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What am I thankful for??? Thankful and Grateful for quite a few things in my life. Mia Familia…for they have pulled me out of those dark days and nights. My Close friends…I have a loyal and supportive little network of friends that I would not give up for ANYTHING…for they ALSO pulled me out of the darkness!!! I’m grateful for the health I have…it let me play Sports at a young age and exercise, study Martial Arts, do whatever I want to with this body, and not think twice about doing it. I am so thankful GOD led me in this path, away from the situations I found myself in not too long ago. When I find myself reflecting back and what I prayed for, how desperate I was… I smile and thank him for where I am today. He knows my intentions in life, he knows my heart, he is my protector…there is no way he would ever let anyone take me down!! One last thing that comes to mind is the journey I’m on at this moment. About 2 years ago I finally explored Yoga and Meditation. This led me to be more open in life, really take care of my body and handle stress even better than I already do. Since then I took an interest in getting massages monthly or a little less frequent and even becoming interested in Massage Therapy as a profession. Here I am now, one year into the Clinical Program in Connecticut. Never would I have thought I’d love school so much and get awesome grades. Guess it’s true you’ll do well in the things that interest you in life. The folks I am connecting with are truly amazing and very important to me. Classmates and Teachers…my Goodness!! It’s unbelievable. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Thank you again! AMEN!! I will keep following your lead.

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