I lowered my Blood Pressure by Meditating…….


Most of us know what it feels like to be stressed right? The question is, do you know what stress does to the human body? It’s not good!!! Through personal experience, I know for sure. There is a such thing as temporary stress and stress that you let linger and fester inside of you. The lingering stress seems to be the killer.

It was not so long ago that I had some “stuff” going on. I find it easier to use this word stuff for many reasons… one of them being, sometimes there are too many things to explain. Anyway, I found this stuff to be attaching to my life. (of course by me letting it attach). Why do we take other peoples problems on? Why do we let other problems become our problems? Because we love and want to help. Not only did I let someones problem become mine, I had my own problem coming head on! This was heading straight for me and there was no ducking out of the way….Baam…..it’s here!! These issues were long term and ongoing. They sucked the life out of me and was taking my health with them. When the negativity surrounds you, it’s like a tunnel and it’s dark, I thought there was no way out. Progressively my body was not feeling so good. Anxiety started peeking its head out, I was getting headaches and dizziness, for Pete’s sake one morning I practically fell over when trying to stand up and walk from my bed. I went to the Doctor and guess what………..my blood pressure was 164/99. WHAT? I’ve never been so scared sitting in that office……NEVER!! I felt alone and worried for my health. This is not I, I thought as I cried. This is not who I am. I’ve always taken care of my body and played sports. I exercise and took 3 years of Martial Arts, how can this happen? As I put my head down in despair, I wondered what the heck I can do to be healthy again. Taking medication was far off because I believed I could do it on my own. Things have to change was the thought that day and going forward. I will not live like this. I am a strong woman, how could I let things bother me this much?

So, with all this being said, and in the midst of my turmoil (because it is solely mine and owning it), a light bulb went off. I saw an advertisement for meditation lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety. Reallyyyy I thought as my full attention was on that. I almost immediately felt the gratitude in my chest fill me up. Seriously, I had a good feeling about this and almost cried (again) at the thought of doing this without medication!! So I purchased the Silva Method meditation series that lasted quite a few weeks. It was not just your ordinary meditation. It was detailed and let you get to the root of the problem. Deep, I dug deep inside my soul and let some stuff out!! It forced you to recognize things and LET THEM GO!! After the first 2 weeks there was a difference in my blood pressure numbers already. Another week went by of meditating and I became even more dedicated. I checked my numbers again……….THEY WENT DOWN MORE!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes but did not ever question it. After weeks of this program, dedication and desire to change, my blood pressure was now 120-125/75-85. Little by little I was getting back to myself again. Due to the fright of just being in the Doctors office, they cannot get an accurate reading, so I’ve decided to monitor it with my own machine. Here I am 2 years later, my numbers are consistent and in the “normal” range. I am one happy gal. Oh, and I plan on overcoming this Doctors office thing….Really? “This is not who I am.” 😉


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