What is Valentine’s Day to me??

I’m not angry at this “Special Day” like some folks are. Do I celebrate it? Well, when I was in a relationship one or the other person would cook a nice dinner and we would definitely get chocolates for each other. It was fun…..but guess what…….I would do that on any day, it never had to be VALENTINE’S DAY!!! I find myself to be the romantic type and treated my special someone with kindness and generosity all the time. So, why do people get upset when they don’t get that expensive piece of jewelry or taken out to that EXTRA EXTRA EXPENSIVE DINNER? My thoughts on that are men and women are just looking to feel loved and special……THAT’S GREAT!! But you do not need Valentine’s Day to feel this way. When you love someone, let them know. Everyday..or every other day!! Don’t wait till this day to let them know they are special, and the only one for you.

I remember very clearly when I first lost my love, Valentine’s Day was only around the corner. Was I thinking about it.. Of course… I was 28 and thought differently than I do now. Don’t get me wrong, I still didn’t need a day like this to share and express my love to my man but, I just thought it was cool I guess to have someone on Valentine’s Day. Well, not only heartbroken that I lost my love, so depressed that I wouldn’t be having a special dinner with my love, or any chocolate!!!! I was so sad. This day actually stands out in my head for another reason. To my surprise, a few friends came over to be with me on this day. Friends that I still have today. I can hardly believe it but, I can almost feel the same GRATITUDE that was in my heart that day. Which leads me to another thought, maybe I do in fact celebrate Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s for a totally different reason than anyone on this earth. It does have a special place in my heart and soul. This was the day my friends let me know they will always be around for me. So, this is to Valentine’s Day…….a whole other meaning for me…it’s sacred, and I LOVE IT!!!

Here is the writings of a card I received today. It is from one of my dear friends…..and she was one of “those friends” who came to me that night….so I wouldn’t be alone……..

Valentine’s Day-

is not just a celebration of ideal relationships in a perfect world.
It goes beyond that. It’s about real people who support one another in hard times,
help each other through problems, and share life’s joy as well as it’s sadness.
It’s about the kind of person who says, “I’m her for you” and means it.
It’s about caring…..friendship….and LOVE!
That’s why it’s so much more than just a day of hearts and flowers-
Valentine’s Day is a celebration of special friends like you.

-Linda Barnes

Now do you see what I mean? I love my friends!! They will never leave me alone.

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