Sandy Hook Elementary School…..We will never forget!!!


sandy-hook-memorial ens_121712_sandyhook

It was a crisp sunny morning just like this, the sun was shinning and people were out and about, doing their daily routine. Women and men on their way to work, and little kiddies being dropped off by their parents or a big yellow school bus. Just a normal day in Newtown, Connecticut… at least it seemed like it to everyone. Well, normal is exactly what it wasn’t and some innocent folks were about to find this out in a very sad, horrific, life changing way!!!

In the hours to come a man found something inside him that wasn’t right that day. Maybe it wasn’t right for a long time but, that day it decided to come out. It came out and found it’s way to Sandy Hook Elementary School. 26 beautiful souls left their bodies that day…and in MY BELIEF found their way to their savior. 26 beautiful souls had their physical time on this earth cut short, or some may say their time was up. However you look at it, I think most of us will find it as a heartbreaking day for those who survived and those of us who keep envisioning this in our minds. Some things you cannot erase in life….for me, this is one of them. I’ve felt the desire to help out in some way ever since this tragic event took place. Well, finally I found it. Actually, Deana Whalen found it…and we are doing this together!!

I thought it would be interesting to raise TWO THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS. That is TWENTY SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS. $2,600……..Why, for the TWENTY SIX lives lost. I truly think its possible, and will put our energy into this and make it happen. Again, THANK YOU so much for your time and reading this.

From New York to Connecticut……..SANDY HOOK ANGELS, WE WILL NEVER FORGET……….. ♥ ♥ ♥

Just 2 ordinary NEW YORK girls representing CONNECTICUT…wholeheartedly!!! Please click on our page below and donate if you want. If you do, be sure to leave your name so we can THANK YOU individually.

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