Making peace with horses………


A little over a year ago I moved to Connecticut from New York to attend school.  About 3 of my classmates have horse and I go visit them as often as I can.  It’s kind of weird that I had (still have a little) this little fear of them.  I don’t know why, maybe because they are so massive when up close and personal…maybe because I remember them as charging at people??  Not sure but I am still loving every minute of it.  How could I not want to be around such calmness, serenity and a lovely atmosphere……

This awesome picture was captured by my classmate while I was having a moment with Dante.  Not only that but I never get a chance to see horses laying down and relaxing………..I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I’m gonna get Dante to love me one way or another……guess he felt safe enough with me to stay in his pose.  He is a little “Standoffish”, not today I guess…hahahahaha  🙂


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