I was so close to giving up….believe that!


What’s that quote people say?  “It’s easier said than done”  They may be right actually, but I would never preach to someone what I have not handled…………….What I have not gone through in life.  People just don’t want to hear it.  Trust me, I know the feeling.  I’m not sure where this post is going but as soon as I saw that Owl, it reminded me of something.  The days when things were not in my favor.  There was no “bright side”.  I laid in bed hoping to just be ignored, avoid all conversations and interactions.  Well, that didn’t work because something inside kept pulling me out.  I guess I was one of the “lucky ones” who dug deep and found that will.  The will to KEEP ON no matter how negative my situations were.  I do remember those dark days and the scary thoughts running through my overwhelmed brain.  Hope was not in sight.  Well, this Owl let me look back and absolutely be proud of where I am…….how I fought and never actually gave up.  It reminded me of those evil thoughts I had and till this day you just don’t forget.  I am a fighter, and the day I give up is when I lose my purpose.  I”m here trying to fulfill my purpose.


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