Transcendental Meditation….I will come back to my true self……


So I read about it quite a few years ago and always wondered…….now my curiosity is satisfied.  Whether it’s regular stress, life’s events or wanting to expand the potential in different areas of the mind……..I believe T.M. is going to play a big role in my life.  Only after a few days of practicing this technique, the results are amazing.  The lightness in my chest, my reactions and responses to people and conversations……and most of all, I’ve never felt so in the present moment as I do now.  I forgot what it was like to live day to day and not be inside my head so much.  It started to become a burden.  Being so engaged in conversations and staying there without wandering off, is just something to be said.  Here’s to Transcending and letting my mind, body and soul be re-connected.  So grateful for the healing that is about to take place.  I feel so free!!


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