Graduated The Clinical Massage Therapy Program……..


Dassss Meeeee



Beautiful flowers from everyone!!



Our favorite Teacher…Handing us our Diplomas


My Parents gave me flowers


My Best friend…spoke a few words about me. So awesome they gave our guests the opportunity to speak on this special day!!

I was only going to say a few words but, to express myself fully, it needs to be deep and full of detail. I do not do anything half-ass so I’m going to write a little story!!

To my Family (who was right beside me, excited the whole way through, and wouldn’t think less than to support my decisions in life). Dad, I know you said we butted heads and I proved you wrong. I know you were concerned for a couple of reasons but I would never look at it like that. I would just say I found ways to better myself more and more every day. I’m more in touch now with myself and the true aspects of healing than I’ve ever been in my life. It cracks me up when you laugh at me doing my Qi-gong or when you close your eyes and put your fingers together and say OMMMMM…. out loud. Pretending you are meditating like me. Part of me thinks you think it’s weird but, deep down inside you know it’s all part of my process. The process of me “becoming who I really am” , healing and assisting others one by one with their own healing. (I will explain that to you one day because right now I can see you saying, what the (beep) is she talking about?) LMAO!! It’s ok, I understand. To my Friends (childhood ones and new ones, who let me practice on them and were/are nothing short of excited for my new career and journey in life. Who told me I can do it and look how far I’ve come when it got really thick and felt like I lost my focus…your words were so very much needed, I can’t thank you enough), My Connecticut Family (who has welcomed me with open arms, in their homes and taken care of me from the start, you treat me like one of your own. People don’t get to experience this often and I will cherish it ALWAYS). My Classmates (that I adore and will consider my dear friends and support group forever. I am honored to take this road with you. We all had our ups and downs and were there for each other every step. Thank you with all my heart), My Teachers and Faculty (who have gone above and beyond their roles in that establishment. Their advice and support has been priceless and is unforgettable. I got the chance to become close with a few of them and they should only know the impact they have on students sometimes. I admire their dedication, support, willingness and character.) Well, The day has come. Two years of hard work, studying, sweat and even blood for me. I found a way to shed blood in the parking lot when we played with the hacky sack. I dove for it (for some unknown reason and cut my palm open). For those that know me………ARE NOT SURPRISED. (I’m getting better at not injuring myself). 

On a serious note, the education I received will last a lifetime and I will continue the education. Especially in different modalities. None of us knew the depth of the Clinical Program and all the Science classes they require. So folks, you must know it’s not all about muscles and bones. Please always respect the education of a Massage Therapist. Like for instance, lets take movement. How and why do we move? Is it voluntary or involuntary? What happens when an Agonist is moving? It is Concentrically or Eccentrically contracting? What really is occurring when a muscle is Isometrically contracting?? Did you know that the Parasympathetic Nervous kicks in when getting a massage? Do you know what a Synapse is or how many Cranial and Spinal nerves we have? Circulation through the right side of the heart is known as Pulmonary Circulation, Left is Systemic Circulation. Is the thumb a hinge or a pivot joint? NEITHER….It’s a saddle joint. What comes to mind when you hear Homeostasis and negative feedback or that we have 5 false ribs in our ribcage? What happens to the Humerus when the Scapula upwardly rotates? What Plexus is compressed in Thoracic outlet Syndrome? What is a local contraindication or systemic? How about some Chinese Medicine…….Which I LOOOOOVE!!!! What is an energetic pathway which Qi circulates in the superficial fascia of the body? Which Element is associated with Fear, Blue/Black hair of the head, bones, cold, salty, and the “Essence” of who you are? Why is it that the Hea       rt, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer and Pericardium are all associated with the Heart but the rest of the organs only have 2 Meridians?? What are the 2 Meridians (not even mentioned) that are not associated with an organ? Well, My friend my friend Deana got to witness this. She looked at me one day and said……..I don’t know how you do it. She used to quiz me on my flashcards. Trust me, it got difficult a few times but she talked me right back to reality. Take a deep breath and keep moving forward…. and I did.

So Grateful. Now I take the CT. and NY boards and become Licensed. Then the new chapter begins!! Thank you to the people in my life and the new ones crossing my path. This has been very exciting!! What I’ve put into life, is what I’m getting out of it. It’s all about attitude and not expecting anything in return. Do good for people and you will be taken care of in one way or another.


Danielle M. Ingenito





Happy, Healthy Compassionate New Year!!! I gave up making resolutions a long time ago. Not that they don’t mean anything, I just do not need a new year to realize the aspects of my life that need work, or things I want more of in life…………!!! Get it… do ya get it? So here’s to Health, and having more compassion for people in life. It feels great to think of others and put myself in their shoes. Here’s to having more patience……..when I find myself losing my patience!! I’m sure I can write more but I’m just not in the mood at this moment!!!! So, I’ll just come back when I’m inspired.