Happy Father’s Day… Daddy

What do I think about when I think about my Father?  Well, to start off, I’ve heard from other people that my parents did a great job raising us!!! There are four of us.  Those other people are Damn right!! It shows in our Honesty, Integrity, Love and Compassion for the folks in this world. I was taught to always do the right thing……AND I DO!!!   I was “grounded” when I came home only 10 minutes late, I was even grounded being late for dinner.  (He knew exactly who I was with but it didn’t matter).  A deal’s a deal.  You come home when I say you come home was his motto.  Yes, a strict old school Italian/American Father!!  He is the kind of Father that gives that look and there was no back talk.  Back talk was unheard of in my house.  We may have tried to explain ourselves but that was about it from us.  Thanx Daddy and Happy Father’s Day, your “offspring” really do care about you!!! Offspring…hahahahaaa (I got that from you)!!  Oh, I forgot to mention he pulled my hair when I tried to run away) Ehh Ehhhh.  I was such a little wise ass!!!400917_392541650859907_437574682_n