Her last day on Earth

Dee hugged her girlfriend goodbye and watched her leave through the window…like she does every morning.  As she said “Goodbye” Dee held on a bit tighter this time.  Ohh, Patti said, where did that come from?  Dee replied “I just want you to know how much I love you and you mean the world to me”.  Awww… I know you do said Patti, I really do.  She walked off and into her car she went.  Dee stood by the window the whole time waiving as Patti made her way down the pavement.

She waited……. she waited for that one phone call, that one text…. that one person that would make her change her mind……..about leaving this Earth.  It didn’t happen and she was quite surprised how she pulled it off that no one knew.  No hints, no clues.. it was never spoken about.  Only inside her head constantly.  Well, that was it.  She didn’t need anyone to change her mind.  The Financial Burden would finally end.  Such a Peaceful thought.  She made up her mind.

Sadness she felt for the loved ones she left behind.  Just hearing them say, how could she do this, why didn’t she ask for help.  If they can hear me now, I’d say… I was tired of the struggle.  I got myself into this mess, I got myself out.  I love you all very much.  Life was not fun anymore.  Please accept my sincere words of: I didn’t want to hurt anyone.


……………So she ended her life………………

Sometimes we really don’t know when someone is hurting DEEP down inside. Some will cry out, some WILL NOT. They can walk around with a smile on their beautiful face and seem interested in life…………….When they are really NOT.  WE are planning activities and just things in our daily lives…….. when they’ve been planning TO END THEIRS!!! If you believe you can pick up someone’s spirit today, they go ahead and do it. Don’t be shy to give them a nice compliment or tell them a nice quality about WHO THEY ARE……….So they feel they have a place in this world. Times are tough, YES….. BUT when that someone loses HOPE, AND THE WILL TO LIVE, WHAT ELSE IS THERE???… Listen to what people say…..find out what’s going on in their life.  I truly believe there always has to be at least one clue.  That one thing that sparks your intuition.  I am becoming more and more aware of the words I speak to people.  More aware of how folks carry themselves around and what they say.  Well, today is also a reminder to myself, the words we speak to others can be LIFE CHANGING!!!! Be nice, you can change someone’s life TODAY……………………….


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